Wood Fire Pit | Outdoor Fire Pit

It’s a perfect fire pit (haven’t tested it the other way yet). Good size very happy with it and very easy to put together – looks very nice and works very well

A show-stopping outdoor centrepiece that’ll keep your guests warm and grill them a juicy steak at the same time – it even doubles as an ice bucket!

Wood Fire Pit | Outdoor Fire Pit



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The fire pit for all occasions

  • Outdoor fire pit, ice bucket and BBQ grill-in-one
  • Elegant matte steel finish
  • Heat-resistant iron fire bowl – doubles as an ice bucket!
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes: grill, safety mesh dome screen lid, fire pit cover and poker tool
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Product Dimensions: 81cm x 81cm x 35cm

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The Wood Burning Fire Pit is the perfect addition to any get together. A place to gather friends and family during the chilly nights and an entertainment focal piece into your landscape.

This multifunctional fire pit is constructed of heavy-duty iron mesh and frame and built in a square shape for added stability. It comes with a mesh lid to prevent burning embers blowing and a poker to stoke fire and remove the mesh lid safely.

The provided outer cover helps keep the fire pit clean and dry. The sturdy design with special patterns makes it an ideal choice for heating, barbecue and cooling drinks and food in patio, garden, and yard.



Easy to install‚ no electrical connections required. LPG gas bottle (bottle not included)

Chic Appearance

This square fire pit is available in matt chic color and stamped with a decorative rock pattern, which will certainly be an eye-catching piece in your yard.


Widened Edge

This premium fire pit is built in a square shape for stability. The 13 cm wide edge around the fire bowl provides ample space for holding plates, sauces, brushes and other barbecue supplies, allowing convenient access during cooking.

Wood burning fire pits are the perfect way to enjoy the weather and your friends.

The wood fire pit from My Lawn is perfect for those who love the experience of a traditional outdoor fireplace. It’s a great way to enjoy a family gathering, while also being eco-friendly.

The wood burns hotter than other gas or propane firepits, and it just looks more comfortable and natural. You can’t go wrong with this classic outdoor accessory.

You deserve the best. Experience natural, nostalgic warmth with our wood fire pits. They look stunning and are easy to maintain. It is the perfect addition to your backyard, patio or garden.

Give in to your desires and get a wood fire pit for your backyard today.

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Is it hard to put together ?
No. you can put it together in about 25 minutes. Just make sure you are on a level surface, follow directions. All the pieces went together well. Did have help to sit it upright when I was done. I would recommend this fire pit. Used it in the back yard and really liked the size. I have two dogs that like to get close and the sides prevent them from getting under the fire
Are the legs on this product hollow and accessible?
They are not tubes they are sturdy
How well does this work as a grill?
I used charcoal and it worked very well.
Is it easy to clean out the ashes?
It is not any harder than any other firepit…but it is always a bit messy.
Can you use this on deck?
Sure, just need to be careful of stray sparks/embers. I would NOT leave unattended and if you need to leave before the fire is out, have a hose or other means handy to put it out before you leave it.

I have just the “bowl” portion sitting on top of a ring of bricks with some sand beneath it on my deck. Have never had an issue, but have never left it unattended either.

What is better to use coal, wood or can we use both?
You can use both. Personally I think wood gives a more authentic fire experience and if you’re cooking, makes the food taste a bit better


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