This fire pit insert is exactly what I was looking for. I was planning to build a propane fire pit for use on my deck, since a wood burning fire pit is a fire hazard.

Stainless steel drop-in fire pit pan for indoor or outdoor use
Easy & simple to install. Made of 304 stainless steel, heavy gauge with a strong construction can withstand high temperature & harsh weather, will not fade, bend or break.

Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit | Gas Burner For Fire Pit | Drop In Firepit Pan

Applicable with LPG or natural gas


A Variety Of Options to Choose From


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This drop in fire pit is made of stainless steel can withstand extreme heat and harsh weather without damage or rust.

The integrated burner with holes creates a dramatic and luminous flame for your parties and events.

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97cm x 36cm Pan Specifications

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buy drop in fire pit burner kit

67cm x 26cm Pan Specifications

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buy drop in firepit burner kit

* PLEASE NOTE: gas fittings and hoses not included

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This drop-in fire pit pan and burner provides an open real flame that burns completely soot-free, ash-free. Brighten up your outdoor patio area with an outdoor fireplace. For indoor use, please remember to keep ventilation and close the gas when not in use.


All you have to do is drop this fire pit pan into your fire pit table, connect to a gas source, add some fire glass, and it’s done. Weep holes at the bottom prevent water accumulation. Extra Mounting plate for the optional igniter. (Igniter not included).


Stainless steel linear drop-in fire pit pan. Applicable with propane or natural gas.


Feel free to add fire glass or lava rocks. The amount of fire glass you will need to fill in the fire pit pan is greatly reduced thanks to its cost-effective design. The 90cm pan uses approximately 20 kg of fire glass.
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buy drop in firepit kit
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DIY Drop-In Fire Pit Burner Pans

Fire Pit Burner Pans makes it easy for the DIYer to build their fire pit.

Since they have the burner built into the fire pit pan installation is quick and easy.

Simply drop the pan in place, have a licensed professional make the gas connection, add some fire glass and you’re done! Designed to last, these drop-in burner pans are made from durable stainless steel.

Our curated line of fire pit pans includes modern linear (with a single flame down the center) and the popular H-Burner pans (with dual flames for more depth and coverage).

Save money by doing it yourself – why pay sky-high prices for a quality fire pit when you can design and build it yourself for much less.

Building a fire pit table? Try using granite for an awesome look which is durable and will last for years (your local granite store can cut and polish it to your specifications).

Fill the burner pan with fire glass which compliments your table top and you’ll have yourself a beautiful custom fire pit table.

Just remember that working with gas can be dangerous, so be sure to have a licensed gas professional make your gas connection for you.

A Guide To Fire Pit Burners – How Does A Gas Fire Pit Burner Work?

We all know what the gas burner on a grill looks like, so it’s logical enough to think that’s how a fire pit burner works, but that is not the case. Unfortunately, many fire pits that you see are not set up correctly.

The gas percolates up through the fire glass/lava rock and only ignites as it escapes out of the top, so at least 1-1/4 inches above the burner, not next to it like the gas hob burner.

The gas finds its own way up through the fire pit media creating a larger more natural looking random flame footprint.

If the gas ignites right next to the burner it will create hot spots and warping and will ultimately damage the burner and need replacing. It could even burn holes in the burner and that would become dangerous.

What size burner should I Choose?

Selecting the correct size burner is the most important part of your project. All burners are given a Btu rating, and this tells us how much heat they generate and how much gas they use.

For guidance:

A typical propane patio heater generates about 45,000 Btu’s of heat.
A 6″ diameter fire pit burner is rated at 80,000 Btu’s
A 12″ diameter burner is rated at 92,000 Btu’s. ( based on American Fireglass burners ).

To get the best flame from any sized burner you need to match the Btu rating of the burner to the available Btu’s you have from your gas source.

Using Propane Gas Bottle

If you have decided to use a 20 lb propane gas bottle ( contains 430,000 Btu’s ) and you select a 12″ diameter 92,000 Btu rated burner, then you will get about 4 1/2 hours of burn on ‘full throttle ‘ per bottle. ( 430,000 divided by 92,000 ).

If you choose a 6″ 80,000 Btu rated burner and ran that at about 2/3’s throttle ( roughly 50,000 Btu ) you would get about 8 hrs burn time, and generate about a 12-inch tall flame.

At the other extreme connect a 36 inch, 440,000 Btu burner to the same gas bottle, which you would never do because you probably would not even get a flame, but that would, in theory, empty the gas bottle in less than an hour!

Using Your Domestic Gas Supply

Tapping into your domestic mains gas supply is more complicated. We strongly recommend using the services of a qualified gas technician to get this bit right.

You domestic supply is calculated on providing enough gas for the appliances in your house. Hopefully, there may be some spare capacity.

Once you gas technician has advised you of the level of Btu’s you have available, then you can select the matching sized burner. He will also advise you on the diameter of the gas line required from the gas source to the fire pit.

The further the gas has to travel the larger diameter pipe will be required. You can see a table for both natural gas and propane calculations here.

The takeaway here is not to fall into the trap of thinking bigger burners equal bigger flames.

If you don’t have sufficient gas supply bigger burners mean smaller or even no flames. Match the burners Btu rating to the Btu’s you have available and you won’t go wrong.

Outdoor Installations

For an outdoor fire pit we always recommend using Stainless Steel burners, they are very durable when set up correctly and usually have a 5-year warranty.

Black steel burners are cheaper but outdoors will not last as long. Some Non-

Standard burners are manufactured from brass and this is probably more durable than Stainless Steel and some have Lifetime Warranties.

Using Propane?

When using standard burners with propane they must be fitted with an air mixer valve, unless the manufacturer states otherwise. For indoor propane installations, National Codes/Ordinances require burners to installed in a burner pan.

For outdoor living space propane installations using burner pan is sometimes but not always required by the local codes.

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What is a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit used for?
A Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit, also known as a Gas Burner For Fire Pit or Drop In Firepit Pan, is used to create a safe and efficient gas-powered fire pit. It consists of a burner, pan, and necessary components for converting a fire pit into a clean and convenient gas-burning centerpiece.
How does a Gas Burner For Fire Pit enhance my outdoor experience?
Gas Burner For Fire Pit, interchangeably referred to as a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit or Drop In Firepit Pan, enhances your outdoor experience by providing a hassle-free way to enjoy a controlled and adjustable fire. It eliminates the need for wood, reduces smoke, and offers convenience and safety.
Can a Drop In Firepit Pan be easily installed in an existing fire pit?
Yes, a Drop In Firepit Pan is designed for easy installation in most fire pits. It typically comes with all the necessary components, making it a user-friendly addition to your outdoor space.
What are the advantages of using a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit?
Using a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit, also interchangeably called a Gas Burner For Fire Pit or Drop In Firepit Pan, offers several advantages. It provides a clean-burning fire, eliminates the mess of wood, and allows precise flame control for a customized ambiance.
Is a Gas Burner For Fire Pit suitable for both residential and commercial outdoor settings?
Yes, a Gas Burner For Fire Pit is suitable for both residential and commercial outdoor settings. It can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in various environments, including backyard patios, restaurants, and resorts.
Can a Drop In Firepit Pan be used with different types of gas fuels?
Yes, a Drop In Firepit Pan can typically be used with different types of gas fuels, including natural gas and propane. Check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your preferred gas source.
Can a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit be used to convert an existing wood-burning fire pit into a gas fire pit?
Yes, a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit is commonly used to convert existing wood-burning fire pits into clean-burning gas fire pits. It’s an efficient way to upgrade your fire pit without major modifications.
Does a Gas Burner For Fire Pit provide a consistent and controllable flame?
Yes, a Gas Burner For Fire Pit provides a consistent and controllable flame. It allows you to adjust the flame height and intensity to create the desired ambiance for your outdoor gatherings.
Can a Drop In Firepit Pan enhance the safety of my outdoor fire pit?
Yes, a Drop In Firepit Pan can enhance the safety of your outdoor fire pit. It minimizes the risk of flying embers and reduces the potential for accidents associated with wood-burning fires.
Can using a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit make my outdoor gatherings more enjoyable and worry-free?
Yes, using a Fire Pit Burner Pan Kit, also interchangeably referred to as a Gas Burner For Fire Pit or Drop In Firepit Pan, can make your outdoor gatherings more enjoyable and worry-free. It offers a clean and controlled fire experience, allowing you to focus on relaxation and entertainment.
Is this item OK to leave outside in the rain
Yes. It’s made of stainless steel and wont rust. You may get discolouration on the burner ports though.
Does this come with gas fittings?
There are no gas fittings with this product however it fits a standard Orange gas hose and regulator. Very straight forward.
what is the fitting size for the propane gas connector
1/2” bsp male thread
what additional parts would i need for this
You will need a gas control valve, connecting hoses and an adapted to connect to a lpg bottle.
Does it give much heat
Yes. It gives off plenty of heat
Can this unit sit on a rattan table? Does the unit get hot?
The unit is designed to sit into a table or similar item of furniture, but the item should be of a non-combustible material and be capable of withstanding heat. The unit will get hot when lit.
Can this be inserted into wooden outdoor table
It is recommended that you tile the top so the rim of the burner actually sits on the tiles. The burner can get very hot!
Can this be used to cook food on?



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